What the Colors Mean

Each colored dot has a specific meaning in Big Brother. The colors are listed below in order from most to least serious; the color at the left edge of the display always matches the most serious condition being reported.



Red dot


A severe condition has occurred. These include loss of network connectivity, loss of HTTP access, and full disk conditions (by default, over 95% full), since these can result in a system hang.

Generally, any red condition results in the administrator being notified. Any ERROR message in the event log also causes a red status and notification since this may signal a fault.

If a severe situation is occurring that is not being noticed by Big Brother, use the acknowledgement HTML page to notify the administrator manually.

purple dot

No report

No report has been received from this client for this test in the last 30 minutes (by default; you can change the time threshold). This may be the result of a heavily loaded system, or could indicate a more serious loss of communication within the Big Brother system itself, either at the client or the Big Brother server. For example, the server may not be accepting connections.

yellow dot


The reporting system has reached a threshold you should know about. These include HTTP server errors, disks almost full (90-94% by default), important processes not running, and WARNING messages in the event log.

green dot


Everything is fine. A completely green screen represents a seldom achieved state of administrative bliss.

clear dot


The associated test has been turned off, or does not apply. A common example is connectivity on disconnected dialup lines.

blue dot


Notifications for this test have been disabled. Used when performing maintenance.

red check mark purple check mark yellow check mark


The notification associated with this event has been acknowledged by one of the recipients.


Note: If you customize the display by modifying the default skin or creating your own, the colors and shapes of any or all of the status dots could be different.