User-Defined Tests

You can create your own external script to perform a test and report status to the Big Brother BBDISPLAY server. In general, these tests are run by the Big Brother client software, which then sends the results to the BBDISPLAY and BBPAGER servers.

Since most of the setup for external tests must be done on the client computer, they are fully described in the Windows Client online help and the UNIX online help.

There is one change you must make on the server to enable notification for an external test. You must define a numeric code for  the test name in the svcerrlist variable in etc\bbwarnsetup.cfg.  For example, if your test name is ORA, you could update svcerrlist to include ORA:150. By default, this will cause a  notification whenever the status color is red.

Note. There are some community-produced scripts on  In most cases these scripts contain a readme file that tell you how to install and configure them. These scripts are not  supported by Quest.