Data and Notes Message Format

These message types are disabled by default; for instructions on enabling them, see the RUNOPTS statement in bbdef.cfg.

Data Message Format

The format for a data message is:

data ....

Replace with the actual name of the host this data is for. The data message appends the text specified by ... to the bbvar\data\ file . The data text is appended, not overwritten.


The Big Brother server does not do anything with the information in the data file. You can process the data with an external script, a scheduled job, or a command line program or script.

Here's an example:

./bb $BBDISP "data 952281437 10m 5000"

The 952281437 10m 5000 is appended to the $BBDATA/ file.

Note. If you enable this feature,  a hacker could fill the disk with dummy data files.


Notes Message Format

The format for a notes message is:

notes hostname.html ....

The notes message writes the text defined by ... to the www\notes\hostname.html file. The notes message overwrites the current file. You can display the contents of this file by clicking on the host name on a Big Brother Web page (bb.html, bb2.html, or a generated page or subpage). For more information, see Associating a Message with a Host.