Acknowledging a Notification

When conditions merit, Big Brother sends an e-mail or pager notification to the administrator. The numeric message includes a three-digit error code followed by the 12-digit IP address of the machine with the problem. The possible codes are:




Disk Error. Disk usage exceeds the defined threshold.


CPU Error. CPU load average is unacceptably high.


Process Error. An important process has died.


Message file contains a serious error.


Network error; can't connect to that IP address.


Web server HTTP error--server is down or not responding properly.


Generic TCP server error--7 + server port number. For example, 721 = FTP down


DNS server on that machine is down


User Page. Message is phone number to call back.


The service reported in an error could not be found in the svcerrlist token in the etc\bbwarnsetup.cfg file.


If you use external script tests, there could be additional error codes.

The administrator can configure exactly who gets notification messages and what conditions trigger them.

Each notification also includes a seven-digit code known as the "ack ID." This ID is required to acknowledge an event so you can delay any further notifications for that event.

To acknowledge a notification


Display the main Big Brother page.


Click the Manage icon Contact icon.


Enter the seven-digit ack ID in the Enter Security Code field in the acknowledgement section of the management page and specify the delay to apply to the next notification for the event in the Don't page me again... field (see the note below). You can also enter a message. This message and more acknowledgment information is saved in the BBVAR\acks\acklog file.


Click I'm working on it.


Note: Be careful with the delay because the pagetype token from etc\bbwarnsetup.cfg also plays a role here. If you set a large delay value when using the RCPT pagetype, you are essentially telling Big Brother not to notify at all for that delay. On the other hand, acknowledging an event when the pagetype is set to EVENT will only delay that particular event and not affect the notification schedule of the other events.

You can acknowledge an event for all recipients by entering the first 5 digits of the ack ID and adding 99 to it. For example 1234599. The delay will apply to all recipients so be careful with this. The only recipients that are not delayed are "escalated" recipients (see bbwarnrules.cfg for an explanation of escalation in the notification feature)